Walgreens Register Rewards deal, and want to buy several packages of diapers, I can just ask the cashier to apply.36 of my purchase to the gift card, then pay the remaining balance with inc women's summit discount code my regular credit card or cash.
Google has detailed steps on adding a credit card to your Google Wallet Balance, which you'll need to follow to add your prepaid credit card info.
My personal experience with this method has been hit or miss.
This may work for larger cards, but its still a hassle.
(Giving a 5 balance on a clearly branded 25 card, for example, seems a bit tacky.) Any other ideas?You are about to enter a third-party website where all use is governed by website's terms and conditions and subject to its privacy and security policies and practices.Examples of places that will usually not turn down cards include gift cards without fees to purchase local womens shelters and some churches.The drawback is that you may not want to keep the card forever (see tips below) and you dont want to register a card that someone else may try to register in the future.Walgreens, for example, has no issues about letting me pay for a purchase with multiple methods of payment.Its not that I dont like them; Ive just found them to be too far away geographically, or out of my comfort zone.(Apparently, the 1 authorization is only applied the first time you use a particular card.).One way Ive recently used a 10 gift card to a store that closed in my area (so I couldnt use it) was as a bonus tip for a server at a restaurant.Looking in my wallet, there are no less than 5 prepaid debit or gift cards hiding at any one time.Others give you nothing, so I suggest wrapping a sticky note around it with the balance written.The next time youre waiting to check out, you can easily identify which card will have the balance closest to your purchase amount.Depending on where you make a purchase, you may be able to use your Gift Card toward a portion of the final purchase price, and use another form of payment to pay the balance.

Some retailers, particularly department stores, will only allow a transaction to be split if the second form of payment is cash or check.
That fee waiver or the deadline may not apply to your account, so be sure to check.
(Just know what credit cards each store takes.).Another thing to note is that in order to check your balance online, you may be required to register that card.First, I wont trouble you with advice on using store or retailer cards.If the business agrees to a split payment for the transaction, ask them to charge a dollar amount up to the remaining balance on your Gift Card.Also, sites that allow you to trade unused gift cards are becoming popular but again, I dont want to have to mess with mailing addresses and postage for a tiny balance.