Tom Holland, exercise physiologist, fitness consultant and author, stopped by Studio 1A to share a lan rewards program few tips on how to score a cheap gym membership and get your money's worth, too.
Or Can I be upgraded to the next level of membership?
Ask for a trial period.
Also, if you want to cancel, they don't have a credit card on file to charge.
Equinox birthday discount policies: Based on our last check of Equinox's site, Equinox does not currently support birthday discounts.Holland suggests that people refuse to pay it at all.Check with your employer: Equinox has corporate membership affiliations with hundreds of firms for specially negotiated monthly rates that are deducted straight from your payroll.Here are 12 tips to help you when youre in the negotiating hot seat.So while investing in your health is usually a good idea, wouldnt it also be nice to avoid overpaying?Gym contracts are not easily broken, so even if you move to a new city or you're not using the gym, youre legally bound to continue paying.Equinox competitor coupon policies: Based on our last check of Equinox's site, Equinox does not currently support competitor coupons.Fitness, New York, working out is one of those things that no one ever really wants to do, but should.Related: Beware the 'fitness cliff 4 ways to stay motivated at the gym.Equinox returns exchanges policies: Based on our last scan of Equinox's websiite, Equinox does not appear to currently offer free returns exchanges.Join a day or two before the end of the month.Membership salesmen often have a monthly membership" to hit.

Equinox senior discounts: Based on our last check, Equinox does not appear to offer a senior discounts.
If you dont have a current friend at the gym, feel free to email me via the Contact Form and I can get you a pass to any Equinox location. .
Be prepared to walk away.
All in all, negotiation is often about tipping the power in your favor, and according to Roth, The ultimate power is willingness to walk away from a deal.Shop at the end of the month and in the middle of a weekday.Equinox coupons: Equinoxis currently running 1 active coupons which you can use for discounts.Man running in a gym on a treadmill concept for exercising, fitness and healthy lifestyle; action; active; activity; athlete; athletic; cardio; care; club; colour; concepts; dieting; endurance; equipment; exercise; facilities; fit; fitness; foot; gym; health; healthy; indoors; jog; jogger; leg; leisure; lifestyle; machine; man; motion;.Now, with all these goodies comes some hefty sticker shock.Ive been a member at the club for a while now and love love love the gym.If you live and work downtown and wont ever venture uptown, it pays to only sign up to access one gym.

Just be careful about signing anything as a prerequisite, since that mini-contract can sometimes automatically turn into a full-fledged membership when the trial ends.