Can You Use iTunes Gift Cards for In-App lucky charm gifts for her Purchases?
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Most people will be adding an funny 18 year old birthday gifts iTunes gift card to their account, but that gift card can be used across apps, including iBooks and the App Store.You can do the transaction in person, and since you already know the person, you don't really have to worry about them taking your gift card and running.Lets go over the important points: You can use your iTunes gift card to shop at any of the mobile Apple stores, which include the iTunes Store, App Store, iBooks Store, and Mac App Store.Use your phone camera to scan your iTunes gift card, or enter the card code manually.Things get tricky when Family Group members want to make their own purchases with their gift cards.Cash is more helpful to me than an iTunes gift card, but here we are.Essentially youre just buying an iTunes gift card for yourself.

Well, there's more than one way to spend a gift card.
Read More, your subscription will use your balance over time until its all gone.
There is a difference between an Apple Store gift card, an iTunes gift card, and an Apple Music Membership gift card.
If youre not sure if you have used a gift card, try redeeming.
Have a friend who uses gift cards to reload their kiddos' accounts rather than keeping a credit card on file?How to Redeem iTunes Gift Card on iPhone.Tap Use Camera and scan your iTunes gift card with your iPhones camera, OR Tap You can also enter the code manually, to.If you have iTunes credit, it will be displayed below your name.Redeem your card as you would normally, then start an Apple Music subscription using Music on iOS or iTunes on a computer.To review, we're going to cover how to redeem your iTunes gift card, how to check your iTunes gift card balance, how to add money to your iTunes account, and a few other things to make the whole process as smooth as possible.