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The "forced capture" rule will eventually require you to costco legoland promo code leave your defensive position.You may be able to trap them while they are trying to reach the end.See Intermediate Strategies to learn how to form "trapping pairs".5, control the center of the board.How to draw yoda art hub how to draw yoda in steps how to draw lego yoda how to draw lego yoda step by step how to draw lego star wars yoda how to draw yoda muffalo potato how to draw master yoda how.I made a playlist for this serie.Question How do I avoid mandatory moves in checkers?You will also have more movement options left when you do start moving your back row pieces.Upload a picture for other readers to see.Yes, as many as you want, as long as you are jumping over your opponent's pieces.

2, remember that you won't be able to keep your back row intact forever.
Part 3 Preparing for Tournament Play 1 Decide which rules of checkers to follow.
When you get to the opponent's starting line, discount custom sunglasses you can stack two checkers on top of each other or turn one upside down.
Tell us more about it?10, move piece 2 toward your opponent's pieces, so that it is in danger of being captured.Following it with two pieces is even safer, since you can block capture from two directions.If you're trying to crown a piece but your opponent is pursuing it, you can sacrifice a less important piece to lure the pursuer away from your soon-to-be king.Submit Tips Know your opponent.M/toshdeluxe (5,00 Special rank on my discord server) - Recording software: Mirillis Action.