The Koopa Clown kart is new to the Switch version.
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Gold Tires: Beat every Staff Ghost in Time Trial mode at 150cc.These are the top ten Mario Kart Wii shortcuts of June 1, 2010, arranged by fastest, easiest, and the most popular shortcuts.However, those in need of an incentive to play are in luck, with one of the toughest challenges yet hiding one of the more attractive characters, while kart parts follow a familiar process as previously.Mario Kart Wii Glitches and Tricks!To unlock Gold Mario - which is a skin replacement for Metal Mario - you must win all cups in the Grand Prix at 200cc, the fastest speed and also the hardest difficulty in the game.Mario Kart Wii - Shortcuts for Every Course.

While not confirmed, it's assumed you can simply win them - and not have to get three stars - on each cup in order to unlock Gold Mario.
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Small characters seem to be the best, with the koopas and toads being a lot of pros go-to choices.Parts will unlock at random every 30 coins collected on Switch (or per 50 coins collected on Wii U) which increases to 50 coins at the 500 coin milestone (or every 100 coins at the 1,000 coin milestone on Wii U).On Wii U, a character will unlock at random upon each cup win, apart from DLC characters which are already available.Mario Kart 8 Deluxe *How To Win Every Race.Jump to comments (0) Games in this article About the author.