how to win ssdi case in front of judge

Telling the judge you the big one claw machine win are honest may backfire.
You should also describe how your disability has affected activities like reading books or newspapers or watching television.
I can sit in that chair for a long time but I find it really hard, for example, to pay bills sitting in that chair.Do you need to walk around after sitting or standing in one place?If you have multiple impairments, be particularly careful about accuracy in your descriptions of your symptoms.Over 60 of all claims are denied at the initial claim level.You will only have 60 days after the SSA rendered the initial decision to file an appeal.However, if there are times when your pain escalates, you should state this (you can say there are times it goes up to a nine or ten) but provide an explanation as to what worsens your symptoms (for example, sitting too long, walking up stairs.On the way home, I had to stop three times because my back hurt so much.

You must give the judge a genuine estimate of what you can.
For education, youll be asked the highest grade you completed in school, whether you had any training in the military, whether you have had any formal vocational training or on-the-job training.
The very worst thing a claimant can do is to give up on their claim for two very profound reasons.By having your own doctor fill out an RFC form, you have a powerful piece of evidence on your side.Those who will be rendering decisions on your disability case have heard thousands before just like yours.What the judge needs to know is how long you can stand in a work situation where you must stand for a while, are allowed to sit down, and then must stand again, repeating this several times during an 8-hour workday.If you have an attorney, he or she should either practice the questions with you or provide you with a copy of the questions you are likely to face well before the hearing date so that you can familiarize yourself with them.

In these cases, medical records may state that the claimant suffers from narcotic dependency or is suspected of abusing pain medication.
How does your SSI disability attorney go about proving all of this?