Gift exchange (seasonal present swapping) scambio dei regali, scambio di doni nm The gift exchange will take place after the Christmas dinner.
Gift wrap sth, gift-wrap sth, giftwrap sth figurative, informal (allow or grant a benefit) ( figurato ) regalare vtr We gift-wrapped the other pierre jouet champagne gift set team's first victory gift for best wishes by playing so badly.
Gift (act of giving) dono nm, the gift of the cigars was appreciated even though he didn't smoke.
Gift box (decorative packaging) pacchetto regalo nm gift card (gift voucher in plastic card form) buono acquisto, buono regalo nm ( colloquiale: buono acquisto ) buono nm I purchased a gift card for honda classic odds to win twenty dollars to give to my sister.' gift ' found in these entries In the English description: accept - adeem - baby shower - bestow - bless - boon - bounty - Christmas present - conferrer - donation - genius - gift card - gift voucher - give - give away.Gift wrap (decorative wrapping paper) carta da regalo nf I need to buy some gift wrap for the Christmas presents.Clive bought the bicycle as a gift for his son.I regali incartati erano sotto l'albero di Natale.

Rare gift (special or unique talent) raro dono nm token gift (small present given as a gesture) presente, dono, regalo nm I bought a box of chocolates to give to his sister as a token gift.
Per il compleanno di mia nipote, le ho comprato un buono regalo di 50 euro in libreria.
Traduzioni aggiuntive gift for sb (present intended for sb) regalo per, dono per nm Clive bought the bicycle as a gift for his son.
Fare un pacchetto regalo, fare un pacchetto vtr È un regalo, può farmi un pacchetto?
Gift registry (list of desired presents) lista dei regali nf gift ribbon (satin strip) fiocco regalo nm gift shop (store selling items suitable as presents) negozio di articoli da regalo nm If you need a little something for your brother's birthday, there's a gift shop.Gift from God (sth welcomed or cherished) dono divino nm gift mortis causa (law: made on impending death) donazione per causa di morte nf dono fatto prima di morire nm gift of gab, gift of the gab slang (talks a lot) ( informale ) bella parlantina.Tim ha una bella parlantina e riesce a convincere chiunque con le buone parole.Se cerchi qualcosa per il compleanno di tuo fratello, c'è un negozio di articoli da regalo all'angolo.Gift figurative (talent) ( figurato: talento ) dono nm talento nm, he has a gift for music.Gift tax (duty levied on sth given to sb) imposta sulle donazioni nf gift voucher (gift token) buono regalo, buono acquisto nm His only present was a gift voucher worth.