Luke Skywalker 's deactivating lightsaber is used as the sound of the Quintesson ship's ramp extending.
Why didn't the Autobots notice Unicron until he was within devouring distance of Cybertron's moons?
None of these edits significantly affect the story.
Not necessarily errors Fans have noted throughout the years that Astrotrain, in his flight through zero-gravity space, should not have needed to "jettison some weight" in the literal sense.This also explains why the Junkions only have to put his limbs back on to repair him."Why throw your life away so recklessly?" "That's a question you should ask yourself, Megatron." Megatron and Optimus Prime, about to engage in one last battle to the death.She then went on to say that the film "never takes off" and derided it as "uninspired".

The Junkions speak almost entirely in pop culture"s and pastiches.
Prime asks if he wants to hear about how Kup and Hot Rod are fed to the Sharkticons, how the Autobots are menaced by "aliens made of junk" or how Ultra Magnus is blown to pieces by Galvatron.
"Film at eleven" and "eliminate even the toughest stains" are more specific references, such as: "Don't look behind door #2, Monty!" - a reference to the game show Let's Make a Deal and its host, Monty Hall.Well-known film critic and animation enthusiast, Leonard Maltin, gave it a rating below 1 1/2 stars in his 1987 Movie Video Guide, regarding it as a "bomb then proceeded to write an unflattering blurb denouncing the film as a "feature-length toy commercial".(Maybe he was sleeping, his excuse for not stopping Starsceam) Starscream's cockpit shell nearest his head is colored like a canopy rather than grey, as he nominates himself for leadership.After putting the matter to a fair vote, the Decepticons decide to throw their injured members off the ship to better the chance of survival for the rest.The tide is turned, and the Autobots commandeer a Quintesson Cruiser.Tommy asks if Prime has enough time to tell him lambert vet supply promo code more of the story and Prime assures him there's time enough.The scene then immediately shifts to the surface of Cybertron, wherefor unclear reasonsthe Autobots seem to be in charge again.