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Unreal : Unreal I has several islands in the sky, one which the player visits after travelling to the wilds ohio discount tickets the top of the Sunspire.
Retrieved "Match report Group B Morocco v IR Iran" (PDF).Archived from the original on "Updated: List of fifa match officials for the 2018 fifa World Cup" (PDF).230 However, the Ukrainian state TV still broadcast the World Cup, and more than 4 million Ukrainians watched the opening match.Basically, we're talking an Ominous Floating Castle fitted with a city-destroying mile-wide Wave Motion Gun, forgotten for thousands of years, and encased in stone.Archived from the original on Retrieved 20 December 2008.Strangely, while all the levels in the third game, Robbit Mon Dieu, are implied to take place on the planet itself, the levels are still of the floating continent type.Heavy cloud cover makes the otherwise perfectly habitable regular ground more or less abandoned (and earns it the name "The Land of Darkness" to boot).In Wasteland 2010, the evil Malevolokk controls a floating city in the episode seed "Danger at 2,000 Feet".Archived from the original on Retrieved "Font scandal at fifa World Cup".

In The Death Gate Cycle, by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, the Air world of Arianus was made up entirely of these.
Players in the final squad may be replaced for serious injury up to 24 hours prior to kickoff of the team's first match and such replacements do not need to have been named in the preliminary squad.
The stadium in Saransk was scheduled to be commissioned in 2012 in time for the opening of the all-Russian Spartakiad, but the plan was revised.
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In The Bears Island, two islands are flying because one of the members of the 4 elements punished their inhabitants for offending him.People in there shopped, worked, lived there, shopped some more, and failed to work off their debt slavery (as opposed to Earth Prime, where the debt slaves are forced to find their own living quarters, too).Also, since everything is in equilibrium, the colony would need no real structural strength, and so could be made enormous using current materials (the only major problem is the sulfuric acid rain, and all sorts of other horrible acids and toxic, corrosive vapours, and getting.They rely on biplanes for transport."Ukraine's public broadcaster refuses to show Fifa World Cup".For the first time, the fair play criteria came into use, when Japan qualified over Senegal due to having received fewer yellow cards.

And we did not get to see the floating continent, just more hints.