Win 's, gaming, cube, a1 doesn't take the wooden concept quite as far as the 806, using a single flat piece of wood as an accent on the top panel.
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Both use tempered glass side panels, but instead of the usual thumbscrews used to hold them into place, In, win 's got a new mounting system.
One: crazy concept projects, the kind that draw big crowds on the show floor of Computex every year.In, win 's mini-ITX, gaming, cube, a1, the wood is just really, really nice in person; it doesn't feel kitschy, even if it's much more form than function.73 17 comments, heres to my first start at sffpc!The second thing: tempered glass.Availability of the A1 will begin in mid-May, but In Win didnt announce an msrp.The standout cases were the mini-ITX.There are some other great little design flourishes, like the soft glow of the built-in RGB lighting under the.3 11 comments new cooler for A4-SFX, experience with Scythe Kozuti 8700k?A1, a pair of plastic knobs snap into place to hold the glass and pop out easily and quickly, which is way more convenient.Air intake is provided by two 120-mm fans on the bottom of the case, and air is exhausted through one fan on the back panel and another on the right side next to honeycomb-shaped cutouts.Is there a good reason for their omission?Waiting on a GPU 44 16 comments, what can i do for a better cable management 5 6 comments, any tips on hiding messy cables with no room in the back?

The most straightforward model of In Win 's collection is the new 101C, which features those new knobs for attaching the tempered glass instead of fidgeting with thumbscrews.
In Win 's 305 case.
On the 806, there's actually a nice button around back that unlatches the side panel and lets you tilt it outwards to remove.
There's a bit of space between the wood panel and the body of the case, allowing for fan mounts on the front and top panels in addition to the back and bottom.Win hasn't released pricing and availability information for either of these cases.Like many of its contemporaries,.The, gaming, a1 and 806 are based on existing In, win case designs, but with some nice tweaks.In, win 's 101 ATX mid-tower case.The obvious difference here is the loss of the wooden top panel; the A1 now sports a glass top panel with an embedded Qi wireless charger.PC chassis designer In, win can usually be counted on to provide creative cases, like last December's.For the past several years,.

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