Opoponax is still the glue that holds Coco together.
The resinous and warm spices, coriander, cloves musk become both powdery aromatic, super fragrant and smoky.
We had broken up in the 90's but we remained good friends and we fought many a battle together.
We were always partners in one way or another.
It's formal and elegant, glamorous, and takes itself very seriously.They don't necessarily smell like each other, but they have the same DNA share similar traits.In fact after talking to many perfumistas Coco has received even more praise and love than.Coco, chanel, nose, jacques Polge, year 1984, manhattan New York 1985.Spray liberally or douse yourself with it and you are going to be in a long lasting cloud of Oriental Heaven.On her it was a rich, smoky, exotic Oriental with something like a creamy vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, sandalwood and a dark veil of incense, over a mantle of musk.It's a beautiful reminder of a more glamorous era.And as if that mandarin was not enough, the orgy of citrusy smells is joined by a mimosa orange blossom.You may rest assured that each incarnation is beautifully crafted and true to the original's scent, except that all other editions are a lot softer, with the volume turned down.For her this bali discount bras was the epitome of luxury.

Before long the Oriental notes of cloves, sandalwood, amber, opoponax and civet emerge.
There is an intellectual and passionate side to her.
The best part of the fragrance and anyone will tell you this, is it's longevity.The eldest and the grandmamma.For me it was an aphrodisiac.But if you are a vintage lover even if you are young, check it out.It smells way too sophisticated for a young girl.Sale, have you ever just been like, "Dang.I would never go as far as to call Coco an imitator 20.00 gifts for christmas of Opium in the way that such fragrances as Estee Lauder's Cinnabar or Revlon's Ciara is, but this is just as smoky and unisex as Opium.

The top notes are citrus based notes of mandarin orange peel, and a slightly bitter orange.
I love you Xiomara.
Coco is like the daughter.