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Return TO index FOA iPad Apps FOA LossCalc FOA LossCalc estimates the optical loss of a fiber optic link.
FOA certifications are based on our KSAs - the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities that techs need to succeed.
We've expanded some sections to include more on cable pulling, blowing and aerial construction with lashed and adss cables.
Any stress on the fiber at the connector is bad.
But the next frontier in TV ads is coming our way.Of course we also recommend adding marker tape about a foot above the conduit.Recycling Cabling Q: Who can I contact regarding recycling cable I am removing from a building?The second issue is reflectance causing background noise in the link.JH: The issue of dropping 1300nm testing ebay motors promo code 2017 of MM fiber has been discussed in standards committees for years.Otdrs could easily calculate this - the data is imbedded in the LSA splice loss measurement.Exfo Offers Super Posters And More exfo offers some super posters, guides and books.Why A Figure 8?

And, they reclaim OSP abandoned copper cables (abandoned from road moves or FTTx growth).
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Getting Cables Out Of Conduit Usually we are concerned about reducing friction when pulling cables through conduit, but sometimes you need to get them out.Splicing for repair or relocation but what would you consider a good book value for useful life?" A: Cable manufacturers have generally made fiber optic cable for a lifetime of 20 years and in the last decade or so weve been told that 40 years.A: I have typically seen 100 feet on straight through boxes (reserves 35-50 feet on cut ends for splicing and anywhere from 15-25 feet at the premise depending on how much is required for the termination device, positioning, etc.Keeping track of all the owners of optical fiber networks and who leases dark fiber is a gigantic task, but FiberLocator does exactly that.It is intended to provide background information on the entire project and in conjunction with the other FOA information on basic fiber, OSP fiber, design and testing, provide complete information on all stages of a fiber optic communications project.Our experience is that older cell phone cameras have better sensitivity at IR wavelengths than newer phones, so you may want to toss that old flip phone into the toolbox.The FOA APP builds on the FOA basic fiber optic textbook to create an interactive learning environment that builds on the iBook electronic version of the book to add a guide to use for self-study and real-time testing that provides feedback on what you have.I cannot remember ever having been actually looking forward to coming back to class quickly after lunch, to get back to the hands on activities, and walking away with the sense of empowerment that the information presented was not only relevant but dead on point.Its usually the crimp fails and the fiber pulls out, especially if it has any stress on the fiber.But vcsels were not good for test sources.