It is a heavenly cauldron of seldom combined notes.
Ohter 'Spicy light' fragrances enough on the market, Ropion and the house of Kenzo must have thought.
Kenzo's 'L'Elephant' is definitly one of those 'Wow!' fragrances.
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No review can do it justice, this one neither, I'm well aware of that.
Quite a pedigree) made his most creative and captivating fragrance with this one.
Sure 'unique' is one of the most used words in reviews.
A hard drug at that.And the strange combination of those strange notes, actually works great in a very original way.The uniqueness of 'L'Elephant' is propably why this on-of-a-kind fragrance is so sought after.Very, very clever and well thought out.The Elephant and me, it will discount medical plan organization chiropractic be love for life.

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