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The Spectra S1 and S2 are often referred to as the Cadillac of breast pumps.
If it bents afternoon tea voucher were me, I would shell out the few extra dollars for the S1 because I love the rechargeable battery.
When choosing between the two pumps, it really comes down to what you will be using it for.
They worked as a burp cloths, a swaddle, nursing cover, and so much more.Swaddle Hack: We used the, miracle Blanket as long as we could before he outgrew it and started to bust out of even this baby straight jacket.If you plan to pump while traveling, working, etc than the S1, in my opinion, is worth the upgrade.I adore all their stuff.Sound Machine : We cannot take little man anywhere with his pack and play without taking the sound machine.It is the only one our local baby boutique carries because they say it is simply the best.They are hospital grade pumps but carry a very affordable price tag, making them a standout in the breast pump market.I love Spectra pumps.We ended up using the little Medela bottles most the time due to this factor.You can also have your family or friends make these lactation cookies (my favorite healthier recipe!) for you if they ask how they can help.Get them here!- read NOW- Related Articles Review of Kiinde Twist Pump, Feed and Store all in the same bag!Teething Tablets: These all natural teething tablets were a lifesaver for us on fussy days.

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Medela Bottles : I love these because they literally go from hooked up to the pump to being able to screw on a cap and put them in the fridge or screw on a nipple and pop them in babys mouth.
And had other problems with allergies/sickness and therefore lower milk production where I was glad to have lactation cookies and milk maid tea on hand.
Nursing Aids: I accidentally dried myself upread more about that here!
Leyton isnt very choosy and weve gotten several different ones.Cetaphil with Restoraderm: Even though I love the smell of the typical baby lotion, Leyton has sensitive skin and really struggled with eczema.BOB Jogging Stroller: Once Leyton could hold his head up, we started using this stroller when we would go on longer walks or runs.Review of Sarah Wells Pump Bag Need a stylish pump bag?It will then switch to Expression mode, a deeper, slower pattern of suction which mimics how your baby nurses after your milk has letdown.Nested Bean zen sleepsack later on and I wish we would have had it from the very beginning!(Related Article Pump Hands-Free.Seriously, the first few nights we had Leyton in the.I only want to bring you guys the very best of the best.

Click here to see a complete guide!) See the Spectra in Action This video goes through all of the features of the Spectra.
Click here to see how to plan your day!).