The largest body best gifts for new parents 2014 of water is Lake Hylia, which is landlocked (and to the south).
The Dungeons Dragons setting Forgotten Realms core setting.
In The Dagger and the Coin series, it's played as straight as could.
Often seen as a sort of Dark Souls of fantasy literature, these books are great for longtime fantasy fans but may be intimidating to new comers to the genre.Inspired by tabletop RPGs, this series has a trope-y feel to it that is nostalgic and charming.Lewis ' Narnia, which is right-justified with the sea on the east; an interesting departure from the Avalon-in-the-West orientation pervading Tolkien and his imitators, and all the more remarkable because CS Lewis was friends with Tolkien.Though they often try to stay out of worldly conflicts, both characters are guided by complex morals and must sometimes step in, even if a paycheck isnt involved.One thing these books do well is focus on both small- and large-scope issues, connecting us with the characters who chevrolet my rewards inhabit dangerous and complex worlds.The five books follow the royal family of Gormenghast, an enormous castle in a grim world.And if you enjoy the first book, there are fifteen in total, and more on the way.

For light, humorous fantasy, The Dresden Files is a great choice.
The book introduces the strange city of New Crobuzon, which is dark, filthy, and populated with non-traditional fantasy races.
Hobbs prose is the real force behind the series, though her worldbuilding and characters alone make these books worth reading.
Her unique world is the result of many years of worldbuilding and illustration.In The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, the ocean is in the southeast.Lewiss The Chronicles of Narnia, Philip Pullmans trilogy begins with The Golden Compass and tells the story of the bold Lyra and her journeys between worlds.And the heroes, the ones who seek to be themselves.If you prefer your fantasy on the denser, more detailed side, youll appreciate Susanna Clarkes thoughtful writing and dialogue.And if you think The Witcher 3 is one of the best fantasy games of all-time, the book series is one of the best fantasy books of all-time also youve GOT to check it out!Those whose only exposure to Frankensteins monster has been movies and TV may be surprised by the novels philosophical style and dark themes.