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Had to keep from feeling too much the "round eyed" fool!
Any teacher who has spent more than a few weeks in a classroom will have stories to tell about something that was said or done which resulted in hilarity, embarrassment, possibly contract termination.
"OK, Janey" "That's better" "Debbie" or a similar sounding word in the Nanjing (200 km away) dialect means 'vulva' as I discovered from a more open-minded Chinese lady teacher.
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I had only been in the United States approximately three months, so this was a very embarassing experience particularly for someone like me who was always a perfectionist and had minimal tolerance for mistakes when I communicated with others.
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(valid to March 15th).Tom, China, i replied haughtily "I too am a 'sage femme but I at least remember to collect my kids on time" It was only after some explanation and miming that I understood that sagefemme is a midwife.Something terrible a student did.You will fall in love with the Armani brand so why not check out our Emporio Armani underwear selection today and try all our styles on offer.This page needs tracfone free shipping coupon those stories from you!Ernie Danek, Cedar Rapids, IA USA comments powered by Disqus.Full teacher notes - zero preparation time.His mother, a rather dignified lady, wasn't far from that stage.Thousands of content members from around the world.Come and visit us today, 48th wedding anniversary gift ideas take part, feel free to leave a comment - registration not required.