Everyone has talked about the jasmine, the sillage, the notes, and what's good and bad about.
After an entire lifetime of cheap body sprays, I finally decided to upgrade.
No matter what she's doing, she commands your attention.
And actually, that's the best word to describe it: unapologetic.Side note about merchandising - According to the packaging that came with my sample: "Aura Mugler Eau de Parfum exudes a wild blend of botanical freshness and feline sensuality." Anyone who thinks felines are sensual has never cleaned a litter box or stepped.But when you boil it down, I think it takes a certain kind of person to pull this off.But it's nice and comforting, the way Vick's Vapor Rub is comforting (note - Aura does not smell at all like Vicks, just making a comparison to the comfort factor).

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So the opening is Eden, the heart is Brigitte and Calmoseptine, and the dry down is like the opening of Habanita - meanwhile, the green vegetal smell is constant like the drone from bagpipes.
The perfume is strong, no matter how little you use, so you have to be unapologetic about.
It's not menthol, but smells like it would be just one atom away from being menthol.Without hesitation, she recommended this.The crunchy green note I love must be rhubarb because I recognize it from Tocca's Brigitte (a strong love)."I'm here, I'm loud, love me or hate me, you're going to notice.".I am on a no buy plan right now, so we'll see how that goes.Cold, hard steel wrapped in warm, soft silk.