Changes in the Schedule of Charges, frequency of collection service, number capacity and type of equipment may be agreed to orally or in writing, by the parties.
All notices, requests, demands, and other communications hereunder shall be in writing and shall be deemed given at the time such communication is sent by registered or certified mail or recognized national overnight courier service, or delivered personally, to the following addresses (or at such.
We do not prorate rental days.
This agreement is a legally binding contract and shall extend for an initial term of three (3) years from the date hereof, and shall be automatically renewed for successive 3 year terms (the renewal term) thereafter, unless either party shall give written notice of termination.Online only, free shipping 311.48311.48, online only, free shipping 206.48206.48.If the equipment is blocked to prohibit collection, Customer will be notified and one additional attempt for collection shall be made by Contractors vehicle.Attorneys fees AND costs.In the event the Customer shall discontinue this Service Agreement other than as provided above, it is agreed and contracted that said Customer shall pay to Contractor as liquidated damages a sum equal to six months charge to be determined on the basis of the.

Any non-payment by Customer of charges due hereunder shall, at the election of Contractor, be deemed to be a termination by the customer pursuant to and subject to the terms above.
Customer agrees that AW may also increase rates from time to time to adjust for increases in the cost of doing business.
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Rental Rates shall not be subject to any deductions on account of any non-working time in the monthly 4 week bill cycle.The AW Arwood Waste Medical Logistic System contains everything required to properly and safely package and dispose of your sharps waste (eg, needles, injector pens, and syringes).The word equipment as used in these Terms and Conditions shall mean all containers used for storage of waste material including stationary compaction units, stationary bailing units, waste material loading devices, tanks, tankers, and such other on-site devices as may be specified on the face.The equipment provided by Contractor is done so for contractors convenience in providing the service called for by this Agreement.If not cancelled within 1 month (30 roblox gift card codes 2017 days the customer is still liable for the remainder of the balance owed.