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The Australian Woodworker Number 189 (Sep/Oct 2016) Working Safety with Epoxies and Polyurethanes,- Crib boat,- Learning about Routers.
There are additional types of teeth, such as Skip, Positive Claw, or AS-S, that are essentially modified versions of the Hook or Raker tooth shapes, but with slight changes to the cutting angle, gullet-to-tooth ratio, tooth set, etc.
The Japanese plane,- The Kreg Jig,- Old spinning Wheel in the parlour part 2, A woodies guide to wood part 5 (Silver Ash, Celery Top Pine, Australian Red Cedar Purpleheart -The Viking cradle,- Turn Spin top.The Australian Woodworker Number 68 (Jul/Aug 1996) Using a router as a thicknesser and planer,- Turning fluted bowls,- Getting started in marquetry,- Aboriginal woodworking,- Making a 3 legged table,- Off centre turning,- Carving a decoy duck MB069.The Australian Woodworker Number 150 (Mar/Apr 2010) User Report CNC Shark,- Carba tec 25 years of growth,- Wood/Metal combinations,- User report- Beall Pen Wizard,- Forest red gum in Victoria,- Notes on Woodturning part 3 Basic woodturning tools,- User report- BMI quicky tape measure,- Recycled chair.The Australian Woodworker Number 79 (Jun 1998) Woodturning tips cutting with the grain,- Seasoning timber,- Insuring your workshop,- Carved mirror,- Carving penguins,- Working with Australian hardwoods part 3 MB080.

The Australian Woodworker Number 73 (Jun 1997) Making an hourglass,- From burl to bowl,- Restore old chairs,- Making an electric guitar,- Carving a piggy box,- A duplicator for your lathe part 1 MB074.
The Australian Woodworker Number 54 (Mar/Apr 1994) Before you buy a work bench,- Building a leg vice for your bench,- Home made dust extraction,- A woodies guide to wood part 23 (African Mahogany Sydney Blue Gum - 4 Jaw chucks holding bowls platters and vases.
The Australian Woodworker Number 71 (Feb 1997) Ornamental turning,- Making pens,- Colonial dwarf long case clock,- Making a wooden ball race,- Giant road train part 2,- Lathe modifications that worked,- Planning to make a clock,- Carving a tri falcon shield MB072.
The Australian Woodworker Number 186 (Mar/Apr 2016) User Report Laguna 18/36 Lathe,- Cordless Woodworking with Milwaukee Tools,- Carving with High speed rotary tools.2 Burrs and Bits,- Learning about Routers.
The Australian Woodworker Number 82 (Dec 1998) Scobie dinning chair,- Making a tenoning jig,- Expand your lathe,- Make jewellery ball,- Woodturning basics turning between centres,- Surf board coffee table,- Wooden wind chimes,- A rhombus for your ricotta,- The ossie multi jig,- Working with Australian hardwoods.The Australian Woodworker Number 151 (May/Jun 2010) Notes on Woodworking part 4A Types of Skew Chisels,- User Report JET Slow Speed Wet Sharpener,- Making a curved Top Document box part 1,- Carved Netball hotelstayuk com discount with dovetails on compound curves,- Turning big heavy Spheres,- Adapting an Old.The Australian Woodworker Number 112 MB113.For this reason, it is extremely important to always keep the table pin firmly installed, unless you're changing blades).They are also the easiest to set up and tend to be the most durable.Barrel grip design for superior comfort and control.