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Darren Bakers fine art works span a number of subjects including interiors, figurative works, equestrian and ballet studies, portraits and landscapes.
In Andrew's paintings we see all the depth and thoroughness, all the devotion and patience with which he studies nature, from the giant mountain ranges to the gossamer lacework of the leaves, from the intricate forms of the clouds in the sky to a sequestered.
At the same time he was pursuing his personal agenda - that of becoming a professional "fine" artist painting for himself rather than fulfilling commissions for others.
Over the next year, Lawrence Coulson was under pressure to work harder than ever before, using up every minute of his spare time to keep up with demand while still working his full-time job as manager.
Eventually he found his niche and started producing designs for greeting cards.Since then, Beecham has won many awards for his fluid unions of animal and environment, including Best of Show, Peoples Choice and Artists Choice awards at the.M.Many garage gifts for husband customers are unaware that hidden in each and every picture he produces the initials JTC (Jesus The Creator) appear, affirming his belief.He went to Barcelona where he studied art at the famous Bellas Artes of San George.His most prestigious commission arrived when he was asked to produce a wonderfully detailed portrait of Her Majesty the Queen; an accolade accorded to a very small number of painters in the monarchs lifetime.Mostly wax is used for its versatility but Mick loves the freedom clay offers and is quite content to work around its limitations.He moved to Africa to work for The Zambia News Times, and within a few months he was promoted to chief photographer.Tony's fascinating personality and innate sense of fun which shines through in everything he does immediately wowed the team of directors!In late 1983 I sold my first painting to a recording company in Milton Keynes.Over the next few years I sold about eight hundred originals to companies like MTV Europe, The Gap and also many private collectors, many of these being commissions which have helped to develop my unique style of painting.He studies drawing and painting at Bourneville School of Art, after which he set out on a career within the printing industry.

The influence of her African upbringing combined with the injection of British humour has ensured that Rozanne's paintings are much in demand.
At the age of 20, he and his brother decided to set up a studio together in the heart of Soho.
The aim is to portray an essence and emotion rather than a well defined and precise person or location, as I am not interested in set narrative pieces.
Her father said 'No way'!Throughout his school and college education he concentrated on the technical side of drawing and painting, but after graduation he was in no doubt as to his chosen career, that of a professional artist.Instead Deborah Vallance did a degree in History and taught this for over twenty years in several schools.I formed a guitar band and spent a few years performing all over the UK and Ireland.With international exhibitions his paintings are sold and collected around the world from New York to New Zealand from Botswana to Beverly Hills!