What is a 'closed' lottery club?
It is each Members responsibility to ensure that no other person makes purchases using their registration details on the OctopuZ Website.
Reward Points Program, octopuZ Lotto Club has introduced the Reward Points Program where its members are rewarded with OctopuZ Points every time they play Lottery Games.
A person may only make application for registration as a Member: if they are an individual person (OctopuZ Accounts will only be opened in the names of individuals if they are at least 18 years of age; if they are not currently excluded or blocked.Learn about first of its kind, revolutionary system of Super Charging your chances of winning the major Jackpot lotteries.Members are not permitted to purchase Entries on behalf of others, or to resell any Entries issued by OctopuZ Lotto Club.The rules are explained in the Terms Agreement that you must adhere to in order to use the site.How do I get paid?This allows us to buy the tickets in the appropriate state and share the winnings with the club members.Bonus Signup Link : how can I get my m bonus?Once this occurs, the lottery club is over and the club moves into a closed status.Alle Spiele: Lotto 6aus49, Eurojackpot, Glücksspirale, Klassenlotterie SKL und NKL sowie Rentenlotterie.LottoSpring is more than just a lotto game its a Social Lotto.All information is only accessible by our select staff for processing and contact information.

The company retains the right to inactivate any store at anytime.
What if one of my clubs hits the jackpot?
Once a Member has completed the checkout process to purchase an Entry (share the order is final and cannot be cancelled or amended at the Members request in any way.
Website by Swish Design Web Design, Perth Western Australia Translate ».Members are encouraged to choose a strong password and to avoid passwords that would be easy to guess (e.g., birthdates, simple sequences of numbers, dictionary words, names, etc.).A 5 service fee applies when requesting payment.The Lucky martialartsmart com coupon code Planet relies upon each persons warranty when it accepts a persons application for registration, opens an OctopuZ Account, accepts deposit of funds, and pays a Member any winnings.Powerball, MegaMillions, EuroMillions und viele weitere Lottos!Membership Fees Entry Fees, individuals are required to pay Membership Fees in full and upfront upon their registration unless a promotion is offered.A member can make as many entries into a club as he/she likes.Can I cancel out of a club?Come join our live, informative, FUN, and entertaining Lottery Club Mega Chat Room Community every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday evening from 8:00pm 10:00pm PST.

What if I forgot my login information?