Fuji means wealthy, intention or wisteria.
Other pretty nature-based girls names to consider are.
Three Kinds of Name-Sayin, i grew up with a hard-to-pronounce name.
Chinami means one-thousand waves Chiyoko means a thousand generations Emiko means prosperous, beauty, child, blessing, favor, beauty, child, or smiling child.Aiko oz lotto division 6 prize means beloved; loving child, akane means brilliant red, akari means light or glimmer.Youre modeling what it looks like to be a lifelong learner, a flexible, confident person who adriannapapell com promo code is not afraid to admit a mistake. .Fejzi (FAY-zich whose family left Bosnia in the early nineties and moved to the.S.Its not worth my time to get it right. .Satomi means wise, beautiful, holy beauty, or hometown, beauty.We've seen all these pretty place names used for girls: Dakota, Brooklynn, Sydney, Ireland, Paris, London, Charlotte, Florence, Alexandria, Aspen, Eden, Carmel, Sicily, Vienna, Sahara.

However, keep in mind that the meaning would depend entirely on the way each character of a name is written in kanji.
It can mean sunlight or ocean.
These names would often be chosen by parents because they are desirable traits or objects that are beautiful (as if to bestow the same traits or beauty on their female child).
Jacob/Israel are both difficult to decode because there are layers of meaning that the bible itself alludes.
Jacob: "He holds back "supplanter "he takes the heel "One who follows on another's heels" figuratively meaning, "A deceiver "He will deceive".Recently there has been a rise in popularity for Japanese girl names that are very short such as Rei, Yui, Aoi, and Rio.Reference: Sue,.W., Capodilupo,.M., Torino,.C., Bucceri,.M., Holder,.M.B., Nadal,.L., Esquilin,.32:25-27 "And when he saw that he prevailed not against him, he touched the hollow of his thigh; and the hollow of Jacob's thigh was out of joint, as he wrestled with him.But for many students, the way you say their name conveys a more significant message.Shizu means quiet, clear Sorano means of the sky Suki means beloved.Tora means tiger Toshi means mirror image Ume means plum blossom Umi means the ocean Utano means field of songs Wattan means homeland Yoko While popularized outside of Japan by Yoko Ono, the wife of the late John Lennon, Yoko was already popular in Japan.On Hear Names, short voice recordings made by native speakers from each names country of origin pronounce the name for you.Whatever it is your student prefers to be called, its worth the effort to get it right.However, th later started to grow out of fashion, as these names would soon be deemed too common.

Maru means round Masako means elegant, refined.
Encompassing from everything from flowers and herbs to gemstones and seasons, the natural world is a huge source of inspiration for pretty girl names.