In this store, the 2-liter container and the special-for-members 6-pack of 24-ounce bottles were less than half the cost of the equivalent volume in 8-ounce cans.
As basic marketing textbooks explain, the object of the game is to "maximize sales and profit consistent with customer convenience." Translated, this means that what year did liverpool win the champions league supermarkets want to expose you to the largest possible number of items that you can stand to see, without annoying you.
They all came out perfectly, with the best tasting chocolate chips, ever!Any new product that comes into a store must come with guaranteed advertising, coupons, discounts, slotting fees, and other such incentives.They have to figure out how to get you to walk up and down those aisles for as long as possible, but not so long that you get frustrated.Devote as much shelf space as possible to brands that generate frequent sales; the more shelf space they occupy, the better they sell.Because you can see products most easily at eye level, at the ends of aisles, and at the checkout counters, these areas are prime real estate.

Sodas of any size are cheap because they are mostly water and corn sweetenerswater is practically free, and your taxes pay to subsidize starbucks gift card balance inquiry corn production.
Their job is to sell food, and more.
To repeat: An astonishing 320,000 edible products are for sale in the United States, and any large supermarket might display as many as 40,000 of them.
Groceries accounted for about one-quarter of that amount, but that meant 64 billion, and rising.
And supermarket retailers know more than you could possibly imagine about how to push your "buy" buttons.There are precise reasons why milk is at the back of the store and the center aisles are so long.Supermarket managers tell me that this kind of pricing is not the store's problem.The longer you search, the more products you will see.Isn't the produce section the one place in the supermarket where the store's goal to sell more is exactly the same as the goals of healthy eating?He also offers Pepsi in 8-ounce cans.Find More Free Stuff for your Baby Here 26, shares, first 1000 Days Nestle Program, get to Explore the Scientific facts and findings about the First 1000 Days, showing how crucial they are to your babys future health.Food retailers argue that if you eat too much it is your problem, not theirs.

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