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Back in 1985, Nissan realized that although they were a successful and respected brand, they had no vehicles in their product line that fit into the luxury vehicle category.
It has done this through innovation and unrivaled success in competing against the best luxury cars and SUVs the world has to offer.In late 20th century, combination of the twin energy crises and all-wheel drive cars achieved much fame and success to the company.Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and presided over by Toru Saito, Nissan shows no sign of giving up any of its marketplace prominence.Alone, Infiniti has successfully managed to reposition itself as a luxury brand separate from its parent company Nissan.At around the same time Infiniti also released a new version of the G coupe (G37) which was unveiled at the New York International Auto Show.
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Toyotas luxury brand is Lexus.
By 2013, Infiniti had a lot of success under its belt but there was still more that they wanted to accomplish so at the Frankfurt Motor Show they announced the Q30 concept car which was the start of Infinitis aggressive strategy to extend the brand.
Infiniti, however, was in the worst position and needed to take action or face extinction.
In 2014 they introduced the Q50 to rave reviews.
Nissan created the Infiniti division in order to develop luxury cars that could compete with the well-known luxury brands in the market.But even the other Japanese car manufacturers were facing challenges, especially with pricing, but they were holding their own.The answer was to rededicate its focus coupon code for intellibed on development of a dynamic and powerful line-up of SUVs so in 2003 they introduced the FX35/45 crossover and a new sports sedan called the G35 which successfully turned the company around.Sticking with the existential themes of infinity and mountains, the first commercials that Infiniti produced didnt even show a vehicle, just majestic scenery from nature such as a lake or flock of geese.To turn things around Infiniti introduced the QX4 SUV in 1997 and it included many more premium features than the Nissan Pathfinder which made Infiniti one of the first luxury car manufacturers to produce a midsize premium SUV.M is not associated with the Nissan Motor Company in any manner.Starting with the 2002 model year, Infiniti produced upgraded versions of the J30 and a new model called the I35 was introduced but they were quickly losing market share to the other Japanese car manufacturers.The luxury automobile division of Nissan, Infiniti was introduced in 1989 as an upscale alternative to expensive European sedans.That would not typically fit with the current Nissan brands more mainstream vehicles.

Things were looking up for Infiniti and with a success in each category they were poised for bigger and better things.
These commercials certainly captured peoples attention but did not produce the desired result of increasing sales.