On a PC, just click on this icon in a IM or chat group window, and then click on the button plus in the upper right corner of your pop up sticker window.
Buy Virtual Gift Credits, buy Credits, use Credits to send special Virtual Gifts and fun Sticker Packs to your pals.
If you are seeing any error messages be sure to include the full text of the error message including any numbers in your submission.Get a Priority Listing, Colored Room Name, Hi-Fi-Audio, and more.Take your time, have a look around.Be sure to include the exact spelling of your nickname, a valid email address, and a full description of your problem.Also please be sure to tell us what kind of device you are using and the version of the operating system.To get you started, we have provided you with a complimentary set of Paltalk Stickers. Wait a few seconds and then click on the blue chat bubble on the bottom right of the page.Note: Crown points will always expire on day.Upgrade Room, own the best chat room.

After 120 days, you will revert back to whatever level you should be at based on your 60 day team rhino outdoors coupon code rolling points.
On Android devices you can purchase credits from your profile.
Paltalk Credits must be purchased separately.
For Crown Level 9, 180 days.
Upgrade your Chat Room.The plus button will launch the sticker selector where you can choose from several sticker packs.To make payments via Live Customer Support from our 'classic' version, click on the 'upgrade' or 'get unlimited video' button on the top left of the pal list window.On iOS (Apple tap on the 'profile' icon on the bottom toolbar, then select 'buy credits;).This will create a support ticket and you should get an answer in less than 24 hours.If you have a support question click on the blue chat bubble on the bottom right of this screen, then post your question with as much detail as possible.You cannot receive a second award for reaching the same Crown Level twice within a 90 day period.If you reach your Crown Level again, you will reacquire that Crown Level for an additional 60 days.