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Patrick Bateman is a yuppie's yuppie.
It's revealed to Patrick by the conclusion that his brother Sean could get a reservation at Dorsia at any time because, Sean explains, the restaurant maître d' was his roommate at collegea subtle reference to Bertrand, the French exchange student, in Bret Easton Ellis' The.
Tropes Also Present in the Musical Adaptational Name Change : Prostitute "Christie" becomes "Christine".
These emails depict several events after the film/book, acting as a sequel (such as Patrick being married, then divorcing Jean)."I sprinted over to Sixth Avenue, decided to be late for the office and took a cab back to my apartment where I put on a new suit (by Cerruti 1881 gave myself a pedicure and tortured to death a small dog I had bought.Played up even how to redeem rite aid reward points more in the musical, while Bateman dances in his apartment to "Hip to Be Square" with a drunk and drugged Paul Owen prior to killing him.She shows the attributes above and seems golfgarb co uk discount voucher like a genuinely intelligent wingout promo code person.All interpretations of the work include references to the Broadway production of Les Misérables.Patrick often confesses his sociopathic tendencies to friends and associates.Kill the Poor : Patrick feels nothing but ill will and contempt for the lower classes, as do his friends, although they, unlike Patrick, don't go out and stab them for fun.Word of God has stated that this premise was arrived at relatively late in the process of writing the novel, and the earlier chapters are more about Bateman's vanity and isolation.

I think you should go now.
Intentional to highlight their vanity and the complete lack of identity among them.
although he mi"s it in the end of the book Rocking and a rolling.Patrick chides his colleagues for making anti-semitic comments about another one of their co-workers and confusing words like "menorah" and "dreidel but in the book, while suffering some kind of mental breakdown, Patrick wanders into a kosher deli and repeatedly tries to order a cheeseburger.Quality by Popular Vote : In-Universe.Creator Cameo : The film's co-screenwriter, Guinevere Turner, plays Elizabeth, Patrick's (supposed) friend whom he drugs and convinces to engage in a threesome with "Christie" and himself, before Patrick kills them both.Because he thinks he's doing it wrong and can't cook.High Concept : "A serial killer on Wall Street".Reference Overdosed : Bateman makes references to brands, trademarks, products and pop culture almost all the time.This doesn't work, as hinted by the "This is not an exit" sign in the film and the book and his final monologue and the close-up of his face showing his acceptance of his own fate in the end of the film.Even the work's title can be seen as a Take That!The horrific violence was the subject of much debate when the novel was published.

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