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There is also a section on how to pick out your first bra.
The whole presentation is beautiful, though I think the name might be a little too hokey.
This box comes with pads, hot water bottles, a sleep mask, a cute zippered pouch for tampons and pads, and a charm bracelet.
Subjects range from guys to entertainment to, you guessed it periods.She now gets her period.(Sorry guys, youre going to have to come to terms with your ladys period.Explain to her how her cycle works and show her how she can use a calendar.It has made my life SO much easier!You got it at Being Girl.This sophisticated gift basket includes chocolates, candles, bath products, and of 31 gifts utility tote course, pads and liners.Oh, that lovely time of the month: Aunt Flo, the monthly gift, the crimson wave.3 Ready Girls via:m ready Girls is a simple, yet affordable pack that comes with a tampons, wipes, pads, and a pouch to contain them all.

I don't think your kit should be all serious.
This pack is different than the rest because you can actually customize the entire box and pick almost every piece that goes.
That ought to cheer you up!
veronica - Richmond "Period Panteez are fantastic and solve a problem I have had since my menstruation cycles began!".Their products are now contained in colorful wrappers with trendy patterns.11 Period Panteez Gift Basket via:m, while the other period gift packs and boxes seem to be geared towards teens and young women, the Period Panteez Gift Basket is definitely more suitable for grown women who have this period thing down.But now, there is the Lammily doll.Again, cute fabrics are the main attraction here.Brenda - Nashville "The mere fact that I can wear them underneath my jeans without worrying about anyone seeing any lines is awesome.".

Girls can ask questions and learn about their periods; as well as receive encouragement when it comes to talking to their parents.
Choose from pretty much every brand of tampons and pads available, chocolates, reusable pads, menstrual cups, candles, and more.
The PMS Package is the very best thing you can do for yourself or your loved one.