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There is no reason why we have to have plates made by the government apart from the government wanting to profit from the sale of new and replacement plates, the system works in Europe and the UK where you get the plates made yourself and.
Department of Transport offers bpay with no surcharge, you offer no options without a surcharge.
FreeDelivery, enjoy free delivery on your new plates.By actively continuing to use our site you agree to such use of cookies and similar technologies Cookie Settings at any time.Me 11:40:17 am, ive put all my details in including my home address for delivery.What is the difference between these two plates as far as readability goes?Terms and conditions may apply.Id like to know how many times redesign plates have been ordered via your website which have subsequently been used for criminal activities (ie by someone who is not the plate holder).No annual fees will be charged on select plates.Plenty of new plate designs to choose from.Fair trading departments around Australia are always going on about voucher and gift card scams with limited 12 month life, no refunds and no replacement of stolen or lost vouchers yet here is the Department of Transport committing the same scam!

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If you wish to continue an upgrade you will need to call us, the process is quick and shouldnt take longer than 5 minutes.
Whereas in Queensland its 775.Various countries in Europe are trialling gifts for 4 1 2 year old boy new technology to replace number plates.In the event that a person wishes to purchase a personalised plate that does not use up the entire value of the Gift Voucher, the remainder of the Gift Voucher will be forfeited and will not be redeemable for cash (by the person who purchased.Newsletter subscription is required to qualify.My wifes personalised plates had deteriorated thanks to poor manufacturing but were outside the warranty period of seven years so upgrading them to Euro plates was on the cards.