phil dunphy gifts

She says to the camera "I'm an excellent chess player, but a better wife".
Bowman, Donna (November 18, 2009).
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"I do believe I've said this before, but I love the laid-back ease of Modern Family.
Being an early adopter and a technophile, Phil wants to wake up early to get in line for the product at the local Apple store.(From Season 5, Episode 14, " iSpy.) Just the Jokes: "iSpy"Phil and Claire spy on promo code for the glow jack o lantern Luke's production of "Zombie Parkour."Claire suspects Luke is up to no good, so she tracks his cell phone and convinces Phil to deploy his remote-control drone camera to snoop.TV by the Numbers.Alex a membership to the local museum could be the ideal gift.

Foersonalized touch, go the extra mile with a more inspired gift that could come from only you, since not everyone's name can make the perfect pun with "pillowcase" or "dill pickle." (From Season 4, Episode 21, ".
Phil's drone camera is a cool gift for that 007 in your life, but just make sure your spy doesn't get caught red-handed because the umbrella grassroots justice prize hat accessory isn't something any self-respecting secret agent would want to be seen wearing.
Keller, Joel (April 1, 2010).The show is a comedy, but at the core, it is about a family (as crazy, dysfunctional and atypical as it may be)." 5 Eric Hochberger of TV Fanatic found the episode mediocre and said: "We've said it before, but a mediocre episode of Modern.Gloria tries to play Pictionary with Jay in the episode, "Games People Play.".Retrieved April 2, 2010.Apple iPad, excited about buying him a good gift for the first time but she meets some difficulties till she manages to get one.Meanwhile, Claire comes home without an iPad.5 Reviews edit The episode received positive reviews.