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If the beat is set to a positive number, the value in the base expression is divided by the beat value.
For example, you can configure a balance impact to award one loyalty point for every minute of usage.
To specify an account chivas win the right way balance, you use the expression Bal(resource_ID).
For example, to consume free seconds, only one second of usage is required.
If the drum falls within a step's threshold, the discount balance impacts are applied for that step.For example, if Bal(1000002) references the account balance of 100 minutes, to apply 1 bonus point for every 20 minutes used, the base expression is Bal(1000002.When the base expression references a specific resource balance, it always refers to the balance of the account that owns the discount.For a threshold type rule, only the step with a threshold range that encompasses the drum value qualifies for discount evaluation.You use event balances when you need the results of one discount to calculate another discount.The drum is the amount or quantity of usage to consider for discounting.Each step in turn can have one or more balance impacts, which determine the amount of the discount and the balance that is impacted.The discount rule includes a Rule Type value, which can be set to either tiered or threshold.

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Create a person and a deal, then add the deal to the person ruby require 'pp' require 'json' require 'rest_client' key "your api key" api "m/api/v3" # Create a new person person 'person' 'last_name' "Monster".
You can set the resource validity period to start immediately, on a date relative to the grant date, or when the subscriber consumes the resource for the first time (on first usage).
In this case, the drum specifies the minimum amount of usage required.When you set up a discount rule in Pricing Center, you define the following attributes: Defining the Usage Amount to Consider for Discounting.Step 2 with a threshold range of 60 to 120 qualifies: Step 2's discount is calculated on the entire amount of TotalC, TotalQ, or Bal(resource_ID).This setting determines whether the drum and the threshold values are based on monetary charges or on quantities such as bytes.For example, in a tiered rule, the drum is 120 minutes and the step threshold is between 0 and.

For example, the base expression references an account balance of 100 minutes of usage.
The drum can specify several values: The total charge or quantity used from the EDR; for example, to discount a single call made to a friend or family member.