Pirate Eye Patch Crafts - Anyone can be transformed into a pirate with this simple eye patch craft and a bandanna tied around their head.
Invitations, message in a Bottle, one option for a 3D invitation to go with these pirate party ideas is to use these 'Message in a Bottle' invitations (below).
Alternatively, for quick and easy cupcake decorating there are loads of different toppers available such as these pirate flag picks (below left pirate cupcake rings (below center) or these pirate finger puppets (below right) that would make great toppers.
Turn cocktail sausages into sail boats by attaching small paper sails (or use Jolly Roger cupcake picks to tie in with the pirate party ideas) to a cocktail stick (below left).
But you don't have to limit your party to characters from the film.Just click on the Facebook or Twitter buttons below.There are lots of great costumes available to fit your pirate party ideas.Plus the background image is 30ft long so you can easily decorate several walls with it and create a scene that transforms an entire room.You can use this treasure chest at a child's party to hide the treasure in a treasure hunt.Spyglass-Telescopes - Every young pirate needs a Spyglass-Telescope, and this one is movable too!See the photo below for inspiration.Alternatively, you could use the inflatable pirate and combine this with the voice recorder.These smaller pirate cut outs are also great to use as general decorations.You might even want to set up a mini accessories desk so they can collect an inflatable toy sword, hook hand, beard, or eye patch on the way in so that everyone is in the same boat.So below, I've listed lots of generic pirate party ideas, which you can easily tailor to the movies if you want.Alternatively, see this sweet recipe (below left) from Clare Crespo on Epicurious, taken from her amazing book The Secret Life of Food a must for kid's party food ideas.

Alternatively, use them on pineapple, then cut a small slit up the side so they sit on the rim of the glass as a garnish.
Alternatively, this pirate play ship set could also be used as a centerpiece and is priced somewhere between the other two options.
Alternatively, use these cute skeleton cookie cutters to make 'Ginger-Dead-Men'.Food Get google adwords discount code 2017 creative with pirate birthday party food too.They're even better when combined with this idea that one of Rachel Ray's viewers sent in: Just use a shark-shaped cookie cutter on strips of melon or watermelon and set these in the Jell-O or just use gummi sharks.This would also make a great Pirate craft.If you're feeling adventurous you could carve a shark head out of watermelon like the one below (full instructions at National Watermelon Promotion Board which would make an amazing centerpiece for a buffet table.Caribbean Sea Water Serve this Sparkling Blue Punch in a big punch bowl and label it 'Caribbean Sea Water' then float a pirate ship bath toy on the surface.See here for more information and where to buy.

Add a few drops to the bottle invitations above (or spray onto traditional invitations below) so the scene is released when guests open their invitations.
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