Gambling Texas Hold-em 109.
The speaker has to talk about the country for 2 minutes.
Why are we here?See specialist gin gifts if you can talk your way out of a ticket.Master Framer Framing.Most Valuable Player.You are asked to make a toast to them.I bought a cheap microphone at endless gifts havant the dollar store and put on a polyester leisure suit from the Goodwill store and transformed myself into Chuck Winkandnod, interviewer of the stars.Secret Agent Spy.

The time to get through a stack of 5 words can be from 30secs to 2mins.
Volunteer Appreciation sports ANY NFL football team ANY NBA basketball team ANY NHL hockey team.
Party Planning Planner.
Pilot Aviator Aviation.Members then vote on whether or not each speaker has told the truth or not.Then he played 20 questions with the club until they finally deduced what the subject was.But hey, this is just a table topics round!She asked everyone called upon to demonstrate their sales techniques, and 'sell' the product to the audience.You are waiting in line to get gas.Select an appropriate setting for each speaker, then let them make an appropriate toast for the occasion.What advice would you give yourself?" Dan Goodman back to top back to Resources home page Read a paragraph from different letters to the editor of your local paper and have the members respond with their opinions.From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, jump to navigation, jump to search.

The TTM tells the group that.
Mason Masonry Bricklayer.