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Pokemon Go Research Quests constantly changing missions and activities that players can pick up and complete for bonuses and rewards.
This is a great way to save on Raid Passes and complete the quest quickly, if you don't mind killing some time.Additionally, some quests can have different rewards, so 'Make 5 Nice Throws' could offer you Balls or the chance to catch a mystery creature.However, it has the same catch rate as normal, so be prepared for it to break out of your balls.Make 3 New Friends 1500 XP, evolve an evolved, grass Type Pokemon 1500 XP, catch a pokemon 3 days in a row 1500 XP, complete 1,500 Stardust 1x, sun Stone 1x, premium Raid Pass, celebi Ripple in Time 3/8, reward.Research Breakthroughs in Pokemon Go: earning the big reward for November, Shedinja.Research Breakthroughs which provide further unique rewards that also rotate over time.How Pokemon Go Research: How Field Research Quests work.You can "cheese" the "Battle in X number of Raids" quests, by deliberately dodging your way through them until the timer runs out and retrying repeatedly.With that said, lets talk about your biggest reward for field research.Heres the quests that youll find in your Field Research section during November 2018 but remember, these quests are rewarded at random from PokeStops, so which you see is entirely down to chance.As an aside, these encounters are really useful since.Field Research items are picked up from Pokestops and are essentially random, though the given quests and rewards change from month to month.

These tasks also have different levels of difficulty, so the more challenging a research task is, the greater the reward waiting for you.
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This makes it particularly interesting in terms of Pokemon type strengths and weaknesses, as this is a rare and useful combination.
Dark Pokemon also put into a major appearance, too.Getting there requires completion of a range of missions, however, doing everything from gym battles and raids to catching rarer, difficult-to-locate Pokemon like Ditto.Here's a taste of the many November Field Research rewards (via.Completing one of the Special Research objectives will not add a daily stamp to your Research Breakthrough progress - it must be from a Field Research quest instead.This is a great place to practice how to make excellent throws and curveball throws in Pokemon Go, too.Examples of quest types include: Catch one or two specific Pokemon (such as 3x Pidgey or Murkrow).For Octobers field research breakthrough youll be rewarded an opportunity to catch the bug and ghost-type Pokemon Shedinja as the Breakthrough Reward once you rack up seven days worth of stamps.As mentioned above, Research quests and rewards change every gifts to bring back from vacation month.