11 Further flint tools made by hunter gatherers living in the Colne Valley during the Mesolithic have been discovered, including a tranchet axe from Middlewick.
Published by Essex County Council ( isbn X ) Pliny, Naturalis Historia, II, 187.
59 There are several other bars with live music in the town.It is seen as a popular town for commuters, 5 and is less than 30 miles (48 km) away from.Archived from the original on 13 September 2014.Any rainfall that does come from Atlantic weather systems is usually light, but a few heavy showers and thunderstorms can arriva trains promo code 2018 take place during the summer.Since 2006, Colchester has been one of 12 places in the UK where Royal Salutes are fired to mark Royal anniversaries and visits by foreign heads of state.40 Local legend places Colchester as the seat of King Cole (or Coel) of the rhyme Old King Cole, a legendary ancient king of Britain.She plays croquet and harpsichord, and sews her own clothes." Colcestrians edit People of note that were born or have lived in Colchester include: George Biddell Airy (18011892) Astronomer Royal, attended Colchester Royal Grammar School Cuthbert Alport, Baron Alport (19121998) Cabinet Minister, High Commissioner.

The town is also represented on Essex County Council, containing six County electoral divisions.
A local secondary school St Helena's is named after her, and her statue is atop the town hall, although local legend is that it was originally a statue of Blessed Virgin Mary which was later fitted with a cross.
49 Climate edit Main article: Climate of the United Kingdom Colchester is in one of the driest regions of the United Kingdom with average annual precipitation at 635 mm (25.0 inches although among the wetter places in Essex.
The Doctor Who episodes The Lodger and Closing Time are set in Colchester, although they were filmed in Cardiff.Colchester Film Festival the largest film festival in Essex takes place annually in October showcasing a selection of new feature and short films by filmmakers from around the world.Retrieved b c d e f aggs; Beryl Board; Philip Crummy; Claude Dove; Shirley Durgan; oose; ugh; Pamela Studd; hornton (1994).65 Just below this statue are four bronze ravens by Francis Carruthers Gould, which represent the portreeve who ran Colchester's medieval port.The building is owned by the Victor Batte-Lay Foundation."Military Corrective Training Centre".The Member of Parliament for Colchester is Will Quince of the Conservative Party.