The app can also control certain trainers, including the CompuTrainer and Tacx Fortius trainers. .
We can run an iteration to get an idea of velocity from a team actually working on the project, but this is costly and doesnt work if decisions are still to be made on agreeing to start a project.
You can either ride other peoples videos, upload your own, or choose from higher quality ones sprinkled throughout.This is no less true when managing sensitive topics such as what is a nobel prize worth price, scope, and duration.Each of the items represents a portion of business value to the customer.The PC app is about as slimmed down as you can get, and really aims to exist as a way to playback videos and control your trainer.Of course, many customers and organizations seek to fix all three components of this magic triangle.If our story points totaled 120 and we anticipate completing 20 points per iteration, the total development duration would be 12 weeks or 6 iterations.We work at continually elaborating and adapting planning from an initial high level down to more granular detail when it is appropriate and necessary to avoid waste and to enable managed change.It only concentrates on how long it would take if you were to work on something continuously without interruption, rather than the elapsed time from start to finish.The videos are fairly high quality, but shot on-bike, so it feels like youre actually on the group ride. .The things we really want to avoid.Estimation Techniques Agile planning and estimation are supported by a number of techniques that a development team can use to gain confidence in their size, effort, duration, and cost.

So they essentially offer you a bit of a blend to go either direction depending on what you want.
It may not have as many broad feature areas (like 3D worlds but for power-based workouts it has a ton of flexibility. .
While it can connect to power meters and fancy trainers to control them, it can also estimate power using their Virtual Power concept for a crapton of trainers out there (including many cheaper ones). .
Its super simple to use, and easy to save workouts for future use. .
As long as the change is of equal value, there is no further cost.Which sounds better and increases stakeholder confidence, fixed cost or variable cost?The Eiffel tower is a tall, heavy, complex structure built in a tight urban environment.So, in a simple situation, if the total hours available to the team is: 4 team members * two weeks * 40hrs per week 320 hours Multiplied by our 70 percent capacity 224 hours Add up all the feature tasks and stop counting at 224.So Agile contracts focus on the following: Fixed price work packages - The whole project is broken down into logical mini releases which contribute to the full product outcome.We would continue this exercise with all the stories.Using one from an older Garmin watch is perfectly fine. .

Customers always want more; its a natural consequence of doing business.
5) Yes Video Playback Tour de Giro Changes resistance No Online library of routes No DIY Action Cam Videos No Can play generic video file No Map Routes Tour de Giro Changes Resistance on trainer Yes Can create your own route Yes Can import GPS/activity.