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Idioms the jury is (still) out, a decision, determination, or opinion has yet to be rendered: The jury is still out on the president's performance.
Makeshift or temporary, as for an emergency: a jury mast.Online Etymology Dictionary, 2010 Douglas Harper Others Are Reading Word of the Day solmization.By using Twitters services you agree to our.Grand jury attested from early 15c.(attested from late 12c.In paul c buff coupon code Anglo-French (le graund Jurre).For a vote to be submitted, it is mandatory that you enter your phone number and verify the OTP (One Time Password) sent to your phone.The jury was all attention now; the several exhibits were coming into view.Crossword clue : Result of a hung jury, how to wrap a gift card present solution : mistrial, posted on : July 3 2017.Jury 2 joo r-ee adjective Nautical.Origin of jury ; Middle English jurie, juree, Old French juree oath, juridical inquiry, noun use of juree, feminine past participle of jurer to swear;.British Dictionary definitions for jury jury 1 noun plural -ries a group of, usually twelve, people sworn to deliver a true verdict according to the evidence upon a case presented in a court of lawSee also grand jury, petit jury a body of persons appointed.

1 joo r-ee, see more synonyms for jury on m noun, plural juries.
Contemporary Examples of jury, had he been competently represented, the jury might well have failed to concur on a death sentence.
Past participle of Latin iurare "to swear from ius (genitive iuris) "law" (see jurist ).In Anglo-Latin from Anglo-French juree (late 13c.To judge or evaluate by means of a jury: All entries will be juried by a panel of professionals.The jury looked at each other with amazement; such scenes were rare in their experience.The jury met in secret for months gathering testimony from witnesses, including from Pantaleo.Verb (used with object juried, jurying.