My friends and family think I have the best job ever!
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We showed up the next day while they were watching the winning number announcement.
For many of us, the name.
Is there anything else youd like to know about me or being on the Prize Patrol?Todd has held a number of positions here and is currently.His team needed to notify the newest SuperPrize winner, and Todd had a revolutionary idea, in the past, PCH would call winners on the phone to tell them theyve won but I thought, lets just go knock on their door with the good news and videotape it!When Im not working at PCH, I love spending time outdoors fishing, sailing, and paddleboarding are just some of my favorite activities.Knowing that the world was ready to see a PCH Winning Moment, Todd went to a local electronics store and bought a new camcorder (which he thinks is still sitting somewhere in PCH headquarters) for the company, for what was the going price at that.So, how would YOU react if the PCH Prize Patrol came to your home and recorded you winning the giant SuperPrize?Heres what Todd had to say about it: In January of 1988, we awarded our first-ever 10 Million prize, Todd explains.

Explains Todd, they said they didnt have a position that matched my experience, but I was welcome to come in for an exploratory interview.
To this day, if you win a SuperPrize, you wont be notified by mail or telephone youll know when the Prize Patrol is standing at your front door with flowers, balloons, champagne, and a Big Check with your name.
Vdm0CovD-N_8/tube, that video above is the first PCH Winning Moment, shot on Todd Sloanes camcorder!
For over 30 years, Todds hard work and creativity has made a difference at PCH.Howie Guja, pCH Prize Patrol Elite Team,.S.But theres a whole amazing story behind the very first PCH Prize Patrol delivery 28 years ago that involves Prize Patrol Elite member Todd Sloane a video camcorder and some quick and creative thinking!I really have to thank Todd for going into such great detail on this fascinating story about the first Prize Patrol delivery!Get the inside scoop and more PCH fun facts with these other Did You Know blogs: Did You Know: All About the PCH Prize Patrol Van: Did You Know: The Prize Patrol Once Found a Winner on a Plane!I hope you enjoyed this Throwback Thursday with Todd Sloane.Featured "Shattered Dreams" involves the dramatization of an alcohol-related crash on or near a high school 50 off voucher code campus, complete with fire, police and EMS response, emergency room treatment, family notifications, and the arrest and booking of the driver.

King Shattered Dreams- 2014.
Todd continues, When we picked the winner for the 10,000,000, as luck would have it, they lived right across the George Washington Bridge in New Jersey.
Some of you may have seen me in the.