Aaron Teys WOrld Champion, australian Indoor Crowns for Rebecca Van Asch and David Ferguson.
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The hen says Ha Ho or Hee first, then each girl in the group take turns to say the words while keeping a straight face.
While the model is strutting her stuff in front of the judges one shoebuy com coupon code 2015 member of each team has to explain a little about their design and where they got inspiration from.
Peggy Sue, one member of the hen party is given a clothes peg to start the game.Try not to overdo it and cram all these games in one night!Then the bride-to-be has to guess who brought the item and why.At random intervals throughout the evening, get the bride-to-be to pop a balloon and answer the question inside.Commonwealth games profile: Aaron Wilson, commonwealth games profile: Rebecca Van Acsh.For instance, When she was 17 years old, Jess got in trouble for blank down the high street.This might sound easy, so be sure make your phrases nice and quirky.Team Henselite again victorious.Whoever can drop their phrase the most without attracting attention, wins.This party classic always goes down well!The bride should hand out pens and papers for the quiz and read out the questions, hens should swap pages to mark them so there is no cheating and any ridiculous answers will be seen.

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They have to do a forfeit of your choosing!
Scott Thulborn wins again with Cruze.
Natasha Jones leads gold rush at Australian U18 Champs Mark Casey wins Australian Indoor Title Sean Ingham claims Junior Gold Nugget Caz Nelson wins back to back National Championships Andrew Howie Completes ACT Grand Slam Scott Thulborn wins SA State Event Player of the Year.You can slip into each others pockets, in the backs of dresses or under bags.Barred words, pick a selection of words that no one in the hen do group is allowed to say throughout the hen weekend or night.Aaron Wilson, new World Champ, scott Thulborn wins World Champ of Champs with Cruze.Then another hen is nominated to get the peg off the person in question and attach it another stranger without either party noticing.Jo and Jeremy take Golden Nugget Honours.Lisa Phillips Wins the Victorian Open Medal Victorian Open - Singles Finals.Where We First Met, when the hens arrive at the party, ask them where they first met the bride-to-be and write down the answers in a notebook.A Tight Race, to play this game, you need a bunch of tights and a load of cheap oven gloves.