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The tax commissioner may require a vendor to be licensed as a transient vendor if, in the opinion of the commissioner, such licensing is necessary for the efficient administration of the tax.
In such a case, the tax shall be calculated and paid on the basis of the entire length of the lease period, including any renewal periods, until the termination penalty or similar provision no longer applies.
(2) A sale of post-paid calling service shall be sourced to the origination point of the telecommunications signal as first identified by the service provider's telecommunications system, or information received by the seller from its service provider, where the system used to transport such signals.Ventilation for General Welding and Cutting.Then, if the meter pointer moves first to the right and then to the left of the scale, it is an indication that the concentration of flammable gas or vapor in the sample is above the upper explosive limit.No tax levied by a board of county commissioners pursuant to section 5739.023 of the Revised Code shall become effective at any time while a tax levied by the board of trustees of a regional transit authority pursuant to such section is in effect.

The tax shall be paid at the rate in effect in the county where the new manufactured home or new mobile home is to be titled to the purchaser.
In the use of cleaning materials, because of their toxicity of flammability, appropriate precautions listed in the manufacturers instructions will be followed.
Never open an acetylene cylinder valve near other welding or cutting work.
(2) (a) A resolution specifying that the tax is to be used exclusively for the purpose set forth in division (A 3) of this section that is not adopted as an emergency measure may direct the board of elections to submit the question of levying.(d) "Tobacco" means cigarettes, cigars, chewing or pipe tobacco, or any other item that contains tobacco.Of the Revised Code is not a tax directly on the consumer, even if the tax or a portion thereof is separately stated.The commissioner may remit all or any part of amounts or penalties that may become due under this chapter churchill voucher code and may adopt rules relating thereto.If the commissioner determines that a permit holder's tax liability is not such as to merit monthly filing, the commissioner may authorize the permit holder to file returns and pay the tax at less frequent intervals.Welding IN confined spaces.This cleaning, usually by grinding, must remove all of the surface carbonized material adjacent to the cut.As used in this division, "delivery charges" means charges by the vendor for preparation and delivery to a location designated by the consumer of tangible personal property or a service, including transportation, shipping, postage, handling, crating, and packing.The bright arc rays also cause fumes from the hydrochlorinated cleaning materials or decreasing agents to break down and form phosgene gas.