Okay, so its not quite a trip to Paris, but it may just be the next best thing.
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Local pottery, she didnt know you were so in touch with the local art scene.
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If your bank account balance limits the amount you can spend on a gift, then jewelry and other pricey presents are out of the question.Make a tiny one and slip it into her hand on a walk.List the details of each date on a separate piece of paper, insert one into each envelope, and present them to her sealed.Double your chances of success with a sample kit, and keep it casual by going with a rollerball or travel spray size she can throw in her purse.On the other hand, they are just plain pretty.

We love mirrored clusters from Dear Survivor, a jewelry company out of San Diego.
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Duration: 1-2 hours, materials You Need:.
There are a number of things that make Baggu totes downright awesome gifts.(But only super swank ones.) Okay so socks dont read as romantic right vw golf discount off the bat.Scrabble on hand, raid your own supply of tiles, or ask friends or family to donate a few letter tiles to the cause.A stovetop espresso-maker When it comes to coffee, everyone has their preferred brewing method, whether its a classic electric pot, a French press, or even a pourover.Shell love that she has a permanent place in your bathroom cupboard.Level of difficulty: Difficult Duration: 4 hours Materials You Need:.The process itself can be learned with a little practice, however, the real difficulty of this project is the visual design skills you bring.Level of difficulty: Easy, duration: 10 minutes, materials You Need:.