But for people who pay their credit cards on time and in full every month, travel hacking is just an amazing way to really jump those rewards that you get back which, what, for most cards, its about.
Brad : Yes, its so true.
Sometimes, even plus or minus one day will make the difference between finding the reward availability and not lawn doctor promo code Mad Fientist : Thats why its so great for the financial independent early retiree crowd because its like, Well, we have the flexibility.I think that was actually bolstered by did winx win today at randwick my life experience because becoming a doctor is not a traditional career path.You go about and make a big purchase.Youll use your ticket to scan through the turnstiles when going from Newark Airport into the Newark Liberty Airport train station and then again once youre on your NJ Transit train, the conductor will come through the train asking to see tickets.Brad : If I can just jump in on that.If you want to get out of them at a time where you need money to something else, theyre very difficult to sell in a secondary market.I think its worth the expense that they charge personally Mad Fientist : I completely agree. We actually just missed a train when we got there, so we had to wait a few minutes for the next one to arrive.So, some of it is already savings, but your expenses go through the roof.Want a PDF version of the transcript?

Yeah, I was in corporate tax for really my whole career after graduating college.
Mad Fientist : I completely agree.
Mad Fientist : Yeah, thats an excellent point.And then, from there, the calculation was simple.Those are the two that I send to everyone.Were frugal, we dont frivolously waste money.And obviously, were going to chat a lot about travel hacking.At that point, Im not going to do anything for money.We said to ourselves, We are going to do this.If you do want to take a taxi from EWR to Manhattan, youre likely to save money by using a service like m plus you can save 5 off using this link with coupon code T2A5OFF.It takes a lot of money for 15 basis point expense ratio to get to that much money.At least Im not as stressed out.

If you are also taking off from Newark, Ive also written a guideĀ to find the cheapest and best way to get from Manhattan to Newark Airport (EWR).
But to me, its a fun investment.