rainbow six vegas 2 comcast gift

1: Kill an enemy or player with a todays homeowner com win danny headshot.
Set the difficulty to Realistic, and use the Killhouse map.
My Name is Sam (25 points disney magiclip gift set Neutralize 5 terrorists in a row by performing headshots using a Sound Suppressor.In this mode, blue and red lasers are shot.Submitted by: ign_cheats, there's an exploit in the first Chapter 1 The Pyrenees.Don't Mess With Me Reward: 45 Points Objective: Kill 1000 enemies in multiplayer adversarial with at least 6 players present.True Identity Reward: 20 Points Objective: Use the Xbox Live Vision to create a character with your appearance.

This is an easy way to get Assault points or any other desired.C.E.S.
In the "Negotiations" mission, once you reach the part where you have to defuse the bomb on the door, have your team hold at the base of southern belle gifts the stairs.
Rappel King Reward: 20 Points Objective: Kill 25 enemies while suspended from a rope.
This can also be done while playing online, but the game's host must insert the code.
Maybe guys are constantly dribbling down the fast lines and you can shoot them easily, or a bunch of terrorists are conveniently bunched up so you can kill them with a sack.As soon as you detonate the C4 (and Nowak is working on the bomb one enemy will continuously spawn on the balcony above where Bishop and the team entered the bomb room.You keep the ACE and XP you acquired (just don't turn off your system) and you can re-do that section again for more points.To unlock a special Comcast-sponsored multiplayer map, do the following.Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas with an "Elite" rank on your hard drive or memory card to get 2,500 experience points, the ballistic face mask, and flight helmet when starting a new game.Trade back your weapon from the ground and you will find your reserve ammunition increased by one or two magazines (depends on the weapon).