The first step in creating an effective HiPo program is to accurately identify your HiPos; unfortunately, this is where most companies tend to have the most trouble.
Its one thing to let employees know you see something in them.
HiPos may demonstrate an interest in being involved in decision-making processes, and they often yearn for more responsibility and independence.
2 ViewPoint I High potential employees Screening for high potential Even best-of-breed organizations sometimes confuse excellent performance with exceptional leadership potential.We dont stop there.For this reason, its important to not just focus on the output youre getting clarins free gift house of fraser from employees, but their leadership skills.These workers often have experience in leading other people at other companies, school projects and outside activities.By now youve recognized your HiPos and unveiled their potential.N job analysis and development planning Hay Group provides organizations with tools using Hay Groups exclusive role learning culture the input they need to create effective profile model that we have used to To maintain the momentum of growth, retention strategies and to identify identify.The first mistake that many organizations make in developing HiPos is forgetting what the P really signifies.A high potential employee isnt a blank slate regardless of how high his or her potential may.Because HiPos ambitiously chase after new challenges, its critical to invest in them and support them if you have any hope of retaining them.Its no exaggeration to suggest that a strong HiPo program represents a life-or-death situation for companies: According to CEB, 25 of HiPos are planning to leave their company within the next year, and the remaining three quarters are 10 more likely to leave than other.

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Fortunately, CEB points to three key characteristics that HiPos share how many numbers to win pick 10 and that frequently serve as indicators of future leadership success: aspiration, ability, and engagement.
By identifying and cultivating employees with exceptional aspiration, uncommon ability, and superior engagement, employers can ensure that the next generation of leaders is well equipped to boost performance, foster innovation, and drive sustainable growth.
HiPos represent the future of any company, and the ways in which employers support them will determine how bright that future can.If youre new to management or HR and are looking to provide more for the HiPos in your organization, here are a few tips to develop and retain high potential employees.Replacing the P with performance puts the emphasis on the wrong metric.Consider a formal recognition program to reward them, bump up their pay, or simply write them a note of gratitude.HR managers can use the nine-box grid to assess the strength of team members, trigger development decisions and identify the best candidates for promotion to leadership positions.You can also assign Hi Po employees to lead special projects and serve as regular team leaders.People with these characteristics think about the big Hay Group research identifies four n ave a strategic perspective about h strategic questions, stretch themselves growth characteristics of high potential their own work in relation to others to work at the edge of their capabilities individuals.For small to mid-size companies who may lack robust HR departments, providing ample opportunities for professional development can be a challenge.However, the vast majority of hipo programs are underperforming.However, most sources agree on the basics.

Identifying Hi Po candidates is no guarantee of success because between 5 percent and 20 percent of high employee potential will still drop off the rolls.
Employees gain confidence in their abilities and remain engaged with their work, resulting in an ROI of nearly seven times the initial investment.
Show them where you see them leading in the future and the skills they need to develop in order to get there.