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Wednesday is glass night, buy the special beer and what gift should i get my girlfriend for her birthday for a few extra bucks, keep the glass.
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Join the club and get the jalapeƱo poppers.
When, tERA, rewards goes live, all current, tERA players will receive an initial grant of reward points and reward credits based on a number of factors, including how many level 65 characters they have, the length of time they have had elite status subscriptions, the.2 Tips) 84 Tips and reviews, filter: beer fire sale good for groups pretzels good for a late night (15 more the UFO club entry for 18 gets you a "beer knurd" t-shirt, and a credit card that you swipe to log all the beers.Service blows and can't sub Fries for rockin tots.Awesome ever changing beer selection.5 beer flavors later, I finally get what they say they have!Also the pretzel fondu appetizer is great for groups.Good pretzels to go with the huge selection of BeEr.Forum Home, tERA PC - Player Guides Help.

Tera, rewards dungeon once daily, and by using EMP to purchase items in the.
Pretzels, nachos and French dip all really good!
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Awesome bar, awesome atmosphere!
Two new menu items you must have: the queso fondue and the bratwurst corndogs.This new program will provide benefits that players can earn by playing through specific.The food was really good.Players earn points by completing specific max-level Vanguard Requests and by using EMP to purchase items in the.You cannot go wrong with any ry friendly and helpful staff as well.