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Still, they remain decent resources.
A treat may be given to the rabbit.
Both of these have reasonable floor space for a doe and litter. .A valid concern would be why he or she is selling an older animal.Merck Veterinary Manual - Rabbits are listed sticky gift tags under "Exotic and Laboratory Animals has information on husbandry and disease.Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease (aka Viral Hemorrhagic Disease and Rabbit Calicivirus a highly contagious and deadly illness, is endemic in Europe, Asia, and Australia.The address is One Governors Lane, Shelburne, VT 05482 Use Rudolph's Rabbit Ranch "Rabbits Wanted" Classified Ad Service.Several species of worms, most notably night crawlers and redworms, can be grown in the manure.Though fairly successful with best luxury christmas gifts dogs, "rabbit railroads" have had difficulties getting started and flourishing. .

Here may be found photos and another description of the method.
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This provides the weather protection of a hutch with the easy-to-clean characteristics of a wire cage.
Some of the books on the recommended reading list and rabbit-related links list also have additional information.
Australian Shepherd, Border Collie) and guardian (i.e.The heart may also be saved.There also might not be a "bunny runner" available to take the fryers to a processor.Processors in the US are few and far between.These cages are more appropriate for indoor pet use, but could be used in a pinch for outdoor meat production with the understanding that modifications need to be made.Another problem breeders increasingly face is that of an animal rights activist posing as a prospective buyer.Crossing Flemish Giant with the listed breeds is also acceptable.Raising Rabbits by Ann Kanable - a good book on raising rabbits inexpensively and with as little drug use as possible.Californian and New Zealand White rabbits are, by far, the most popular breed for a meat operation.Because of time and cost considerations, they might not be best for smaller rabbitries.