When all was said and done, all of the guys except our salesman congratulate us and tell us we will enjoy our cars.
My son and I visited the Mazda dealership looking to medic animal voucher codes purchase 2 new vehicles.
I am writing this to help out others so that you don't have to deal with them at all and go through what I and a lot of other people have.
So, this is the 3rd time I have asked for him to call me to straighten this out.
(The power steering fluid had leaked out, and I didn't want to drive.) After I told him they could get it whenever, we got in our cars and left.That is what you consider customer service?He then tells me that my paperwork was written up with 3,000 down and not 2,000.View All Russ Darrow Connection Member Benefits!While their website gives them a 5 star customer rating, other (non-paid) review sites are not so positive.A couple of days later, I get a call from the corporate office from a woman again telling me that I owe them 1,000.We were the only customers there, and I could tell the guys really wanted can astros win world series to get out of there.During our conversations, my son left the cubicle to call his friend who used to work at the Russ Darrow in West Bend.I asked if he could please have him call me before 4:30 since I would be leaving for work.I am a firm believer in leaving your money in your pocket in case you need." They also told me that putting that down would change the monthly payments only minimally and it was better to keep it in pocket.

I apologize, but sell outback steakhouse gift card this will be long.
They played the typical numbers game going back and forth until I finally said that we would just go home and think about.
From there I am taken into one room to start my paperwork.
I told him I would be in on Saturday.
I responded, "What are you talking about?At that point, I walk up into the doorway of the GM's office with all of the men in there and I ask if it would make a big difference on my son's loan if we put a total of 3,000 down instead.He came, I signed, he left.At that time I asked him about the guy in the corner office and he told me who he was.Once I am done with my paperwork, I needed to go and sign for my son since I am a co-signer.She suggested that I go on their website and write a complaint and Ivan would call me by the end of the day and generally they would get back to me within a half hour.