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Lured by the large amount of square footage for the price, we regrettably ignored various warnings from our families and friends about Ryan's shady reputation, poor workmanship, and "bait switch" sales tactics.
4) Razor blades were left in two different locations in the grass and in our mulch after Ryan Homes serviced our house.
I have also heard from a Ryan rep that these issues are 'uncommon' and that they are 'sorry this happened'.
I know where every electric wire, plumbing, and hvac duct work is placed.We were interested in building with them.Merely posting information on my property and inviting others into my home to share my experience.We have an appointment with her this Friday.You might want to notify the BBB, local attorneys, councils, etc.6/30/06 Hello, I just went on the web looking for Ryan Homes and came across your site.Several days before the new start we were told that oops!

The master bathroom is over our garage. .
I must comment on the workmen and I understand that this is not a political site. .
There are also two cracks in the wall on the side of my garage.
They have a twelve girl niece living with them also.
It took months of battling.I've pulled back the trim on every outside window and caulked them all, I had. .I didn't see any mention of Manning Village in Accokeek, Maryland. .The hot water tank doesnït get scalding hot, at 120 degrees, the water is lukewarm.Fortunately it did not hit our parent who is 88 years old when it occurred at that moment.Coming from a newly built reward cases in contract law home by David Cutler, I surely thought a Ryan home would be more solidly built, I guess I may be wrong to assume this scenario.This is the only way we can stop them from harming anyone else and possibly recovering some of our losses.Didn't require any actual effort on the part of Ryan Homes).However - as we progressed through the sales process and contract signing, many of the issues that we were warned about began to arise.I know that because I just replaced 12 doors in my home in South Carolina.

I called Ryan homes for the West End and was told that pipes were not covered under warranty and neither did damage to our walls, even if there was to damage the structure of the house. .
It was a hot day and the air conditioning was running. .