Musto's MPX jacket with glow-in-the-dark extras.
Sailing clothing - a hat, gloves, shoes, jacket or trousers.
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The grippy surface on the palms proved particularly good when handling intricate jobs and overall we were really impressed with this glove.
Olaf Scooter, christmas gift ideas: Olaf scooter, here is an ingenious compact solution to getting around in foreign marinas and towns.The founders of Fizzics have really delved into the science (or fizzics) of beer drinking, and created a device that they say will deliver the perfect pour, creating an ultra dense, long-lasting foam head from any standard size beer can or bottle and all beer.Waterproof bag Dry bags are obviously a brilliant idea, but wearable ones are even better.Yachting World Subscription, christmas gift ideas: A Yachting World subscription.The Restube is a personal lifebuoy developed by a kitesurfer that stows into a small bum-bag like pouch.

In Reach works like a Sat phone and provides live online tracking and email and can also be sinked with your phone and operated through an app.
Clients then get to design a unique handmade aluminium label using anything from a corporate logo to a photograph.
Sunglasses Okay conservative father's day gifts it might be winter, but the world looks brighter with new sunglasses.
For the love of waves t-shirt For any of us using the water, cleaner seas are a common aim, so buying something that supports Surfers Against Sewage, which actively campaigns for cleaner water and beaches, can only be a good thing.
Looking for something warmer still?Vestas 11th Hour Racing crew.Coasters, jewellery, cards, mugs Claudia Myatts beautifully illustrations are now available in a variety of formats.Boat bits - blocks, winches, wind indicators.But its ability to potentially thermally identify a MOB could quickly make it high on sailors wishlists.