In their various press releases and marketing materials, Adore Me pitches itself as a place to get designer lingerie for less money.
Dont try to feed me a line about how its actually really expensive, designer stuff from Europe when it isnt.
Rene Rofe mesh camidress on right.Nordstrom Rack sells items from Rene Rofe, and Macys sells items from Jezebel.In addition, I noticed that several of the pieces Adore Me sells are significantly more expensive than theyd be from other websites selling the same brands (like m).Rene Rofe Mesh Babydoll and G-String on left.The 10 pieces shown above are just the first handful I got around to making comparison photos of; there are plenty more.As I said above, the issue isnt that Adore Me is selling cheap lingerie (assuming the cheap lingerie is being made ethically, of course).I might go as high as the mid to low 30s, but no more than that.Editors Note: Since publication of this article, weve written a new series with updated information on Adore.All the products are the same price (39.95 if youre an Adore Me member;.95 if youre not a member and that amount is automatically charged to your credit card each month like a subscription service.Most women arent going to know any better, and for a company to claim theyre doing something theyre not (working with a team of designers to sell luxury lingerie for less) strikes me as incredibly dishonest.This letter, enclosed with a bloggers review sample from a year ago, says Adore Me provides the finest lingerie, created by prestigious designers.Not only would that have skewed my opinion on what designer lingerie is and how it should feel and how much it should cost, I probably would have felt taken advantage of once I wised up (assuming I ever did wise up, of course).

The mesh and the lace arent terrible (Ive worn worse but they arent remarkable either, and the quality is about what I would expect for lingerie of this price point.
Every design is amazingly perfect.
Adore Me Emily bra set white water season pass discount on left.Affinitas Sydney bra set on right.Surprisingly, the garter grips are metal, however, theyre not removable.But its not okay to pretend to be something youre not.As a result this review is broken into two parts: my commentary on the issues with the way Adore Me brands itself and a review of the product sample I was sent.Then, it is true that we also have a few partners amongst some of the finest brands across the.S.

Either find honest-to-goodness discount designer lingerie to sell, or just be honest about where youre getting these fabulous deals from.