If you put it on the inside of the basket then you can't see it anyway.
I used a 6" square to make my basket, so I used a 6" long strip to make the handle.
Read all about it here.
Use, these Poop Emoji Easter Eggs, draw silly faces on the eggs.Have you seen this hilarious Easter set?!Here's a close-up showing how the folds go: Step.That silly Easter Bunny April fools prank creates such a fun and hilarious memory for kids!How To Trick Your Kids On Easter Morning.

Paper Easter Basket Instructions, step 1: Place your paper nice-side-down.
My husband had so much fun with this one, I think it brought out his inner child, and to see why he did click the link below for the full story.
Fold and unfold along each of the lines to make a crease.
Tape or glue the folds into place.
I like to use adhesive tape because it's quicker.Use a thin time warner rewards strip of paper to make a handle, and tape or glue.You'll also want a thin strip to make a handle.It is, well just so silly and fun.Can anyone say revenge for stickers in the washer?!I usually use a 6" square of paper, so my lines are spaced 2" apart.With a pencil and ruler, draw an evenly spaced 3 by 3 grid onto the square, as if you were going to play noughts-and-crosses.I can see the look on their faces now as they go for the egg that just wont seem to hold still.It is so quick to make too!

Easter Egg Pranks, the fun part about Easter landing on April Fools is that Easter Eggs are very easy to prank.
LOL, imagine the expression on your childs face when they wake up to their Easter Eggs stuck to the ceiling!
I hope some of these ideas help inspire your creativity and you get to enjoy doing something extra fun this year!